Welcome to the Healthy Brain Project

Want to be part of a vital brain research team?

The Florey Institute of Neuroscience and Mental Health is seeking volunteers for the Healthy Brain Project.

We need online assistance of 5,000 40-65 year olds, in an effort to help delay brain diseases and conditions.

The research is steered by a group of neuroscientists to:

  • Understand optimal brain health and ageing,
  • Investigate why some people develop brain diseases and why others don't, and to
  • Develop biomarkers and pharmacological strategies for early detection of dementia and Alzheimer’s risk, before symptoms appear.

Everyone is welcome, and we especially encourage volunteers with a family history of Alzheimer’s to participate. The voluntary requirements are around 2-3 hours, and require involvement once a year for five consecutive years. The steps are as follows:

  1. Sign up by clicking the join button above.
  2. Complete an online survey involving a series of memory and thinking tests. Fill out surveys related to lifestyle, mood, personality, medical history and demographic information.
  3. The Florey Institute will also send a kit to the volunteer’s home that requires a saliva sample to be mailed in a return paid envelope.

Your reward for participation is:

  1. Safeguarding the future for yourself and your loved ones;
  2. A better understanding of your brain health and awareness that some of the world’s best brain scientists are tracking your progress, and can alert you to changes and preventative measureswhere possible; and
  3. Being part of a research study and community that could potentially solve mysteries of the brain and feeling good about contributing to the future of science.

For further information and to join click here
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